Mothers Union Abroad


In 2015 we donated wool or hand knitted tops to refugees arriving by boat in Greece and Italy well before the news hit the headlines. When the earthquakes hit Nepal 100 of our tops were dispatched. They were used as packaging for medical supplies and taken by an emergency doctor who went to help. On Boxing Day, 125 tops and 100 knitted hats were used as packaging for tools and a sculpture that was being taken to North Uganda to a foundry next to a clinic which is in an area near the Sudan border coping with their own poverty plus refugees.

More recently 135 of our knitted jumpers and 20 blankets were sent out to Syria with a consignment being sent by ‘Refugee Aid Stroud’. We are now busy knitting red v-neck pullovers to go to an orphanage in Malawi in July which will be taken by a group from Kingswood School.

Please note that we will only now accept tops made to the distributed pattern, which is universally acceptable.

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